Electronic Modular Weighbridge

EIAL Series Modular Type Electronic Weighbridge: Painted Steel Load Surface:

  • The Strong and Rigid Load Surface in Sheet Steel, with 10mm Thickness, ensures the Maximum Integrity withstanding all types of Redundant Exertion or Strain
  • Extremely Rigid Structure, in Molded Reinforced Arc-welded Sheet Steel
  • Perfect Distribution of the Forces, for an Optimal and Precise Weighing in all Condition
  • The Absence of Trapdoors and Nuts on the Transit Surface Guarantees Stable and Silent
  • Protection from Electric Discharges, Lightning or Power Surcharges¬† Complete with Braids for Grounding
  • Advanced Anti Corrosive Treatment of the Materials, Obtained through Double Layer Painting, with Rust-proof Varnish and Subsequent Layer of Polyurethane Varnish, Used in the Naval Industry
  • The Quality of Materials and the Technology Used in the Development, together with the Over Sizing of the Structure, Guarantee the Maximum Resistance in Any Environmental Condition and to Any Strain, As Well As a Long-Lasting Duration of the Platform
  • The Smooth Surface of the Platform Eases the Cleaning Operations of the Weighbridge
  • The Checkered Plate of the Platform will Work as a Anti-skid for Plates for the Lorry (Option)
  1. Near the Load Cells there are Removable Covers, which Allow Access for Ease of Maintenance
  2. Double Shear Beam Cells in IP68 Nickel-plated Steel Together with Spherical Self Centering Oscillating Joints, which Compensate for All Types of Thermal Expansion
  3. Adjustable Control Stops, Against Knocks and Horizontal Stresses

Sturdy, Accurate and Efficient , this Weighbridge Guarantees the Best Weighing Performance in Any Environmental Condition

  • The Reduced Weight and Size of the Modules which Make up the Platform, Particularly Ease the Transport, Handling and Installation
  • Simple and Bolt together Assembly
  • The Modular Construction Enables you to Lengthen the Weighing Surface before or Initial Installation if Required


The Low Profile of the Platform Allows an Installation without a Pit as well as a Flush Floor Installation (With a Pit):


The Ideal Size for Weighbridge Operator Cabin is 3m x 4m, Suitable for 2 People Movement Inside the Cabin..