• They are Light Maneuverable Stackers with Battery Operated Lifting Function with a Capacity from 500kg to 2000kg
  • It is Extremely Versatile, as Loading and Stacking Take Place with the Same Machine Further More this Type of Stacker can Profitably be Used as an Adjustable Worktable
  • This Low-Priced Machine is a Time Saver and Economical
  • It is Versatile for Industries and Enterprises such as Press Shops etc
  • They are Equipped with a Low-noised Hydraulic Pump
  • Electric Manual Stacker is Designed for the in between Handing
    Application that Requires Power Lift, but do not Require Drive
  • Moves Large Bulky Crates and Skids Easily
  • Integrated Hydraulic System(Pump, Valve) with Heavy Duty 12 Volt Battery with Build-in 12 amp Fully Automatic Battery Charge and Heavy Duty Plug in Cord
  • With Flow Control Valve Located at Base of Lift Cylinder that Regulates Lowering Speed for Safety
  • Masts are Fitted with Heavy-Duty Roller Bearing
  • Heavy-duty Chain with Over 5 times Capacity
  • With Drivers Safety Screen
  • Floor Locks Brake that Keeps Stacker Steady when
    Lowering or Lifting a Load also for Driver Safety
MODEL EMS-2500/EMS-3000
Lifting Height A mm 1600 / 2500 / 3000
Capacity kg 1500
Load Center mm 600
Overall Height Lower Height of Fork mm 2010 / 1770/ 2010
Raised Height mm 2010/ 2970/ 2970
Lifting Speed Unladen mm/s 64-107 83-125 86-120
Laden mm/s 64-107 83-125 25-121
Lowering Speed Unladen mm/s Controllable
Laden mm/s
Overall Forks Width/ Length (EMS – E650/ 1000/ 1500) D*G mm 560 * 1150
Overall Legs Width (MSA1000/ 1500) mm 1067
Overall Length C mm 1600
Fork Width E mm 160
Self Weight kg 330 / 428 / 487
Dimension of Wheel Steering Wheel mm Ø200/ Ø80
Front Wheel mm Ø80
Battery 12V/ 120AH
Charger 220V/ 12A