Fixed Axle EWIM

Introduction:WIM (Weigh-In-Motion) Systems are Finding Increasingly Widespread Use as a Valuable Extension to Conventional Traffic Counters and Classifiers. They Provide a Whole Spectrum of Information on Traffic Flow, with Detailed Data for Each Individual Vehicle, Including:

  • Dynamic Weights of All Axles (or If Selected, Even Left/ Right Half Axles)
  • Gross Vehicle Weights
  • Axle Spacing
  • Distance Between Vehicles
  • Speed
  • Vehicle Classification According to Various Schemes
  • Versatile Statistic Representations for All Types of Traffic Parameters

The Two Major Types of Weigh in Motion are Portable and Permanent. Both Systems Have the Same Basic Components. Permanent Systems are Usually Installed Where the Scale Needs to Become Part of the Road, and the Weighing is Integral to other Processes. Locations Such as Border Crossings, Toll Lanes and Shipping Gates are Typical Applications for Permanent Systems


  1. Menu Driven Operation
  2. Remote Sensing Excitation Circuitry
  3. High Resolution Analog to Digital Converter
  4. Programmable Update Rate with Adjustable Digital Averaging and Auto Latching
  5. Automatic Calibration Check
  6. Auto Zero Maintenance
  7. IBM Keyboard /Keypad Interface
  8. Real Time Clock
  9. Watch Dog Time
  10. Password Security
  11. Full Duplex Configurable RS 232C/RS422/RS485 Serial Communication Ports
  12. Electronics Parallel Interface
  13. Self & Operator Diagnostics
  14. High Efficiency Seven Segment Displays for Weight
  15. 128 x 64 Graphics Liquid Crystal Display Annunciation Auto Zero Power on, Tare & Print. Or 16 * 2 LCD Display and 7 Segment Display for the Weight


  • The Microprocessor-based Circuitry will Provide the Fastest, Most Accurate and Flexible Performance that Existing Technology can Offer. Highly Sophisticated Analog to Digital Conversion, RFI/EMI Signal Protection and Digital Filtering will Provide High Level of Signal Integrity in Harsh Industrial Environments
  • 128 x 64 Graphics LCD Display with Back Lite Facility will Provide Direct Operator Interface and Display Messages Include Prompting Instructions, Operating Status, Error Messages, Alarm Information Raw Scale Data etc.
  • 128 x 64 Graphics LCD Weight Information will be Unmistakable in Poor Visual Conditions. The Weight Indicator also will be Capable of Printing Operating Messages Scale Information through electronics Parallel Port.
  • Remote Data Transmission will be in Built in the System. A System Watches Dog Timer will Provide Automatic Re-installation in Case of Anything goes Crazy. Above all an Easy Calibration Technique will be Adopted in the System.

Weigh in Motion Features:

  • Simple Transportation and Fast Set-Up-Time
  • Weigh all Vehicles from Light Vans to 100 tone Articulated Trucks
  • Lightweight Low Profile
  • Multiple Power Sources
  • Reduced Weight Transfer
  • Advanced Data Management
  • Priced to Beat Many Static and Cabled Systems
  • Bright Bold Graphical Display
  • Laptop & Modem Communication Port
  • Telemetry Output Module for Data Download via Mobile Telephone Network
  • Classification of Over 100 Unique Vehicle Types
  • High Speed Compressed Vehicle Data Transmission of 10000 Vehicle Records Per Minute
  • Vehicle-By-Vehicle Data Storage
  • RS485 Communication Port (Data Transmission Up to 1Km)
  • WIM System is Designed to Suit Various Type of Highway Location
  • In Corporate with Tested High-Speed Micro Controller & Very High-Speed Monolithic A/D Converter
  • In High Efficient and High Immune RF & Infrared Sensor for Vehicle Identification
Capacity 25 Ton to 35 Ton
Accuracy 5 Kg to 10 Kg
Size 150 Cm to 500 Cm
Width 250 Cm to 400 Cm
Height 20 to 40 Cm
Type Static In Ground Weighbridge Movable Weighbridge