PWB Series Axel Weighing Pads


  1. Platform Design for Easy Carry Out, Weight is Less than 36kg
  2. Can not be Damaged by Air-inflated Tires at Any Spot of Passage
  3. Adopt Special Protective Technology, Suitable for Any Environment in Applications
Standard Capacities t 15 Temperature, Operating Range °C -40-80
Combined Error %FS 0.1, 0.2 Excitation, Voltage V 9-15(DC)
Rated Output Mv/v 0.9 Maximum Excitation Voltage V 20
Non-linearity %FS 0.1, 0.2
Non-repeatability %FS 0.1, 0.2 Safe Overload %FS 120
Transverse Consistency % 0.5 Single Ultimate Overload T 10
Zero Balance uv 400-1000 Full Load T 15
Temperature Effect on Span %FS/10° 0.1 Input Resistance Ω 3120
Temperature Effect on Zero %FS/10° 0.1 Output Resistance Ω 2800
Compensated Temperature Range °C -10-50 Insulation Resistance 5000(100VDC)
Protective Class IP66 Cable Length m 15

Outline Dimensions:


* All Dimensions in mm

Electrical Connections:

Excitation + : Red
Excitation – : Black
Output + : Green
Output – : White


  • Applicable in Weighing and Controlling the Loads for Trucks and Vehicles in Transportation, Construction, Agriculture & Forestry and Waste Processor
  • Applicable in Weighing the Goods, Farm Produce, Log, Garbage and Excavate Material
  • Applicable in Weight-check of Law Enforcement
  • Applicable in Checking the Weight & Center of Gravity of Airplane or Battle-Plane
  • Applicable in Designing and Producing Vehicles, and Determine Load Distribution of Wheel an Axle
  • Applicable in Testing the Stability of Special Vehicles Such as Fork Trucks, Outrigger of the Mini-Lift

END – M2 Series Indicator Cum Data Processing Unit:



Weighing Indicator END-M2 Adopts ∑-Δ A/D Conversion Technology. As a Portable Weighing Instrument, it is Applied in Overloading Test with Two Working Modes: One for Road Management; the other for Police Check

Standard Function:

  • High Precision A/D Conversion with Readability 1/30000
  • Call and Display Inner Code to Replace Weight Observing and Analysis Tolerance
  • Able to Setup Zero-Tracking Range, Zero(Auto/Manual) Range
  • With Function of Dynamic Compensation for Speed and Check Tolerance
  • With Non linearity Correction Function
  • Able to Setup Print Function for Auto/Manual; no Condition/Under Condition; Daily/Sorted Statistics Report Printing
  • Weighing Data Save/Check/Delete/ Protection in Case of Power Off
  • Able to Input Vehicle ID * Axis Type * Axis Number * Test Staff ID.
  • Standard RS232C Communication Interface with Selectable Baud Rate and Communication Method
  • With Built-in Micro Printer
  • With Selection of Auto/Manual for Data Lock Method in Dynamic Working Mode
  • Able to Save 1000 Testing Records and 100 Testing Sites
  • With Selection of Road Management Working Mode; Police Check Working Mode
  • Able to Setup Overloading Value Auto/Manual

Optional Functions:

  • Customized Drawer-Typed Fixed Overloading Testing System Modification
  • Multi-Point Non linearity Correction Function Modification

Technical Parameter:

  • A/D Conversion Method: ∑-Δ
  • A/D Conversion Speed: 200 times/sec
  • Max. A/D Conversion Bits: 24
  • Input Signal Range: -15mV~30mV
  • Max. net Input: ≤30mV
  • Input Sensitivity: ≥1 μV/e
  • Load Cell Excitation: DC 5V;I≤120mA
  • Max. Connection Number of Load Cell:8 at 350 ohm
  • Load Cell Connection Mode: 4 wire
  • Verified Counts: 3000
  • Max. External Counts: 30000
  • Max. Internal Resolution: 600000
  • Division: 1/2/5/10/20/50/100 Optional
  • Display: LCD Display, with LED Back Light
  • Display Range: -29990~999990 (e=10)
  • Clock: Real Clock Without Effect on Power Off
  • Communication Interface ( RS232 C Standard)
  • Serial Communication Interface, with Selectable Baud Rate by Continuous Sending Method – on Command Method
  • Transmission Distance: RS232C≤30 Meters
  • Power Supply: DC 6V/10AH Rechargeable Battery

Road Weigher Practical Applications: