Slewing Jib & Monorail

Jib Cranes are Useful for Staff and it Multiplies Human Efforts, Handling Load Capacity Up to 5000Kg Easily. Jib Cranes are Used for Loading or Unloading of Heavy Parts on Machine Tools, Useful for Loading or Unloading of Trucks. They are also Used near Workstation and Machine Assembly Area.

Column Mounted Jib Cranes are Necessary when no other Appropriate Support near a Workstation is Available. Wall Mounted Jib Cranes are Ideal Solutions for Workstations Located near Walls or Vertical Structures.

We Manufacture Jib Cranes according to the Clients’ Requirement of Capacity, Height and Dimensions of Area of Use.

A-A shape Gantry Crane
Manual Slewing Jib
A-c shape Gantry Crane
Independent Stricture Monorail System