Surface Finishing Screed MCD


  • Simple Operation & Low Maintenance Design
  • SCREED EASY , Powered by Petrol Engine, Provides Uniform Vibration over the entire Blade Length and Enhances Concrete Compaction, Makes it Possible to Level Up to 4 Times more Concrete than the Traditional Method, and do it more Accurately. Only Weight Approximately 12kg, it’s one of the Lightest Portable Unit on the Market
  • Specially Design, Hardened Aluminium Blade Ensuring a Smoother Finish than Conventional Screeds
  • Heavy Rubber Mounts to Reduce the Vibration Level on the Handle
  • Adjustable Handle in Height, Vertical & Horizontal Position (Optional)
  • The Rounded ends of the Blade make it easy to go around Obstacles
  • The Tilt-up Stand Keeps the Engine out of Concrete or off the Ground when not in Use
  • One Piece Casting Body Easy Connect to Engine
  • Emergency Stop Switch Available
  • 7 Different Working Widths: 4ft/1.2m, 6ft/1.8m, 8ft/2.4m, 10ft/3.0m, 12ft/3.7m, 14ft/4.3m, 16ft/4.9m
  • Easily Changed Blades
Technical Specification:
Model MCD-4
Engine Air-Cooled,4-cycle
Engine Type Honda GX35
Power kw(hp) 1.2(1.6)
Weight kg(lbs) 17(37)
Screed Blade MCB-6(SFS) Screed Blade 1.8m (6ft)
Screed Blade MCB-12(SFS) Screed Blade 3.7m (12ft)