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T2200P Printing Weighing Indicator


  • Responds quickly with accurate wighing
  • Applications:
    1.Weighing units conversion
    2. Counting
    3. Check weighing
    4. accumulation
    5. Animal sclae accumulation
    6. Auto print
  • Standards RS-232 can connect to external mini printer, label printer, computer or remote display


Model T2200 Printing Weighing Indicator
Display 24 mm digit LCD display with white LED backlight
Keyboard 7 keys (membrane keyboard)
Housing ABS Plastic
Max Division 30,000d
Load cell Excitation Voltage 5V/150mA
ADC Update <= 1/10 Second
Opearate Temp. 0 deg C~+40 degC
Power 6V/4Ah
Gross weight 2.5 kg
Product Weight 2.5 Kg
Model name Capacity Readability Divisions Approx
T2200P X X 30,000d 2.5kg