Calibration Lab

EIAL Procal Calibration lab is one of the leading calibration service providers in the East African market. We have already established our credibility in the market place, with the use of our state-of-the-art facilities to cater to the calibration requirements of various industries like Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Food & Beverages, Marine, Hotel, Medical/Pharmaceutical, Logistics & Warehousing, Aviation, Construction, Oil & Gas and other related industries.

Our expertise and experience has allowed us to serve our clients and provide high-quality calibration and repairing services for all types of instruments, in order to ensure that all processes are performing efficiently and safely. We maintain timely delivery with authenticity, accuracy, and acceptability. Our extensive experience, expertise and a proactive approach to the numerous requirements has made us become a one-stop solution with cost-effective charges to numerous clients all across the Kenyan market. Our aim is to increase efficiency and safety for our clients, and our ability to fulfil this aim, has allowed us to establish our position as a market leader.