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Single Axle Weighbridge


Single Axle Weighbridge is a very good choice for Mines and Factories, but mainly used by Law-Enforcement bodies. Where installations are required to be quick. Shifting axle weigh bridge can be done quickly and needs only a small pickup truck for transportation. Axle weigh bridges are the very cost-effective solution, the user benefits from the low equipment cost, low cost of civil work & installation and hence rapid recovery on investment. Civil work takes only 3 to 4 days’ time and the installation can be done in just one day. With some additional gadgets & Software the same module can be also used as In-Motion Axle weighbridge.
  • Single Axle Weigh Bridge:
    • Used as “In-Motion” & “Static weighing” in both type of application.
    • Modular – ready to fit design makes it easy to install
    • Mainly used to know the axle load values.
    • Mainly used by law enforcement bodies at highways, toll plazas etc.
  • Features:
    • Quick delivery and installation
    • Low Cost
    • Installation in one day
    • Axle software which gives total control and accountability
    • System fully protected from lightning
    • Rugged instrumentation to give the seamless performance
    • Perfect solution to compatible with Road Law Enforcement regulation.