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Precision Balances PS 3Y

Maximum Capacity 60g to 10100g
Minimum Load 1mg to 500mg
Readability 0.01mg to 10mg


Balances PS 3Y series are laboratory weighing instruments featuring 5,7" LCD colour touch panel which provides new possibilities of balance operation and presenting measurement results. Personalization of balance settings is carried out in extended user profiles. 3Y series comes standard with system of automatic internal adjustment.Level control is based on LevelSENSING system, RADWAG patented solution, which uses a system of an electronic level.New function of PS 3Yseries is online monitoring of ambient conditions through built-in sensors or an external ambient conditions module THB 3 series. PS 3Yseries offers two models of weighing pans which enable weighing with different accuracy. New working mode of the PS 3Yseries: differential weighing, allows the balance to control mass of the same sample subjected to differed processes over time. Extended databases enable storing all carried out measurements, with option of printing and exporting them. Standard and user defined printouts allow for maintaining documentation complying with GLP/GMPrequirements practically in any application. PS 3Yseries features an independent mass control mode carried out with application of an automatic feeder PA-02/H. 3Y series balances are equipped with 802.11b/g/n Wireless module communication interface operating with frequency range 2.4÷ 2.472 GHz (1÷13 channels). Communication is established likewise as for any other interfaces, e.g.: RS 232,Ethernet.


The new PS.3Y high capacity balances (6100, 8100 and 10100) feature centrally fixed weighing pan and additional sealing ring. This solution improves air-tightness and simplifies cleaning. To advance accuracy, the new balances have been equipped with metal anti-draft shield. Additional assets are both expanded capacity (even up to 10.1 kg) and smaller dispersion of weighings — better repeatability.


Model AS 60/220/C/2 AS 110/C/2 AS 160/C/2 AS 220/C/2 AS 310/C/2**
Max capacity 60/220g 110g 160g 220g 310g
Minima load 1mg 10mg 10mg 10mg 10mg
Readability 0,01/0,1mg 0,1mg 0,1mg 0,1mg 0,1mg
Tare range -220g -110g -160g -220g -310g
Repeatability* 0,04/0,1mg 0,1mg 0,1mg 0,1mg 0,1mg
Linearity ±0,07/0,2mg ±0,2mg ±0,2mg ±0,2mg ±0,3mg
Pan size ø 70mm ø 85mm
Stabilization time 6 s / 3,5s 3,5s
Sensitivity drift 1 ppm/°C in temperature +15° – +35°C
Working temperature +10° – +40°C
Power supply 110 ÷ 230 V AC / 50 ÷ 60 Hz / 13,5 ÷ 16 V DC / 1,1 A
Adjustment / Calibration Internal (automatic)
Display LCD with backlight
Net weight/Gross weight 5,6/8,3kg 5,5/8,2kg 5,6/8,3kg 5,6/8,3kg 5,6/8,3kg
Packaging size 495×385×515mm
* repeatability is expressed as a standard deviation from 10 weighing cycles (mass of 60g for balances with d=0,01mg and 220g for balances with d=0,1mg)
PS 6100.3Y PS 8100.3Y PS 10100.3Y
Max capacity 6100g 8100g 10100g
Minimal load 500mg 500mg 500mg
Readability 10mg 10mg 10mg
Tare range -6100g -8100g -10100g
Linearity ±0,03g ±0,03g ±0,03g
Repeatability 0,01g 0,012g 0,015g
Pan size 195x195mm
Stabilization time 1,5s 1,5s 1,5s
Sensitivity drift 2 ppm/°C in temperature +15 * +35 °C
Minimum weight (USP) 10g
Minimum weight (U = 1%, k = 2) 1g
Working temperature +10 + +40 °C (*)
Power supply 13,5 + 16 V DC
Interface 2xUSB, 2xRS 232, 1xEthernet, Wireless Module, 4 inputs / 4 outputs (digital)
Packaging size 716 x 360 x 260mm
Display 5,7" touch panel
Net weight / gross weight 7,3 kg / 9,3kg



Anti vibration table for laboratory balances Automatic feeder PA-02/H
Printer Epson, Citizen Mass standard
Foot button for tare or print functions LCD display WD-5
Density determination kit for solids and liquids Power adapter with battery and charger ZR-02
PC USB keyboard Power loop output AP2-1 (plastic version)
Anti draft shield Antistatic cable PA 1
Bar code scanner Computer software: PW-WIN, RAD-KEY
THB 3 ambient conditions module Cable: P0136, P0151