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Product Inspection

Conveyorized Metal Detector


Introduction :

Conveyorized metal detector is used for packed products with non-metallic packings. Like bags, bottles pouches etc.

A metal detector is an electronic instrument which detects the presence of metals in packed and free flowing products like powder. Metal detector is useful for finding metal contaminations in product.

Focus Industries:
  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Chemical Industry




Specification 4008,4012 4015,4018 5020,5025 5030,5035 6025,6030
Detection Width 400mm 500mm 600mm
Detection Height 80mm,120m 200mm,250mm 250mm
150mm,180mm 300mm,350mm 300mm
Sensitivity Fe ᶲ0.5mm, ᶲ0.6mm ᶲ0.8mm, ᶲ1.0mm ᶲ1.2mm
ᶲ0.7mm, ᶲ0.8mm ᶲ1.2mm,ᶲ1.5mm ᶲ1.5mm
SUS304 ᶲ1.0mm, ᶲ1.2mm ᶲ2.0mm, ᶲ2.5mm ᶲ2.5mm
ᶲ1.5mm, ᶲ2.0mm ᶲ2.5mm,ᶲ3.0mm ᶲ3.0mm
Belt Width 360mm 460mm 560mm
Loading Capacity 5kg~10kg 20kg~50kg 25kg~100kg
Loading Capacity 5kg~10kg 20kg~50kg 25kg~100kg
Display Mode LCD Display panel (FDM touch screen Optional)
Operation Mode Button Input(Touch input optional)
Product Storage Quantity 52kinds (100 kinds with touch screen)
Conveyor Belt Food grade PU(PVC and chain conveyor Optional)
Belt speed Fixed 25m/min (Variable speed Optional)
Rejecter Mode Alarm and Belt stops (Rejecter Optional)
Power Supply AC220V(optional)
Power Supply AC220V(optional)
Main Material SUS304
Surface Treatment Brushes SUS, Mirror polished, sand blasted


  • Detect and reject ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contamination in a product
  • Quality assurance