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A9+/A9-P+ Series

Input Signal Range 16mV to 18mV
Load Excitation DC 5V


  • A-9+ adopts high precision A/D conversion technology, widely applied in Floor Scale, electronic truck scale and so on alike static weighing system
  • Good Consistency no need to re-calibrate a scale if change the former indicator, High Precision.
  • DC Power socket with anti-connect and anti short circuit protection.
  • Able to setup zero-tracking range, zero (auto/manual) Range
  • AC/DC power supply , with built in rechargeable 6v/4Ah  battery
  • Able to save 1001 weighing records, 1000 truck records consisting of truck ID and corresponding tare weight, 201 records of goods
  • Able to print across & upright weighing bill & different statistical reports
  • Standard RS-232 communication interface (RS422/RS485 optional)
  • Standard parallel print interface
  • A9-P+ with built-in thermal printer
  • Standard scoreboard interface with current loop


Model A9+/A9-P+
Input Signal Range 16mV to 18mV
Load Excitation DC 5V
Max.Connection 8 load Cell at 350Ohm/16 at 700Ohm
A/D Conversion speed 10times/sec
A/D conversion code 1 million code
Division 1/2/5/10/20/50/100 optional
Display 7 bits 0.8 inch LED, 3 level battery indications
Display Range -99990 to 99990 (d=10)
Power Supply Rechargeable Battery 6V/10Ah built in, AC 220-240V 50Hz
Connectivity RS-232 standard, Parallel interface, scoreboard interface.
Approvals CE