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WPS Series (Water Resistant Series)


  • Auto Zero Trackig
  • Low Battery Indication
  • AC/DV 9v/ 150 ma Or 6XAA Battery
  • Backlight Display
  • Resolution:1/60000-1/300000
  • High Accuracy Load cell
  • Large LCD Display
  • Unit: kg,G,LB, Oz Or Ct, Oz, Dwt, Ozt Or Selected
  • Unit:g, oz, ib, dwt, ozr, ct, tit, tlh, gn, dr, mm, tola, gsm, t/a/r,t/m/r
  • Auto power off to Save Battery Life
  • Auto Calibration from Keypad
  • 24 Bit Ad Conversion
  • Display Resolution: 1/100000~1/300000
  • Internal Resolution: 1/700000
  • Ad Update Speed: 7.5 Hz
  • Built-in Four Adjustable Rubber Legs Gradienter


Model Number WPS
Capacity 15kg/30kg
Readability 1g/1g
Pan Size 160x210mm
Power Rechargeab;e battery with adaptor 9v/100mA
Type Water Resistant (SS 304)
Net weight 3.75 kg
Gross Weight 3.5 kg