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Product Inspection

X-Ray for bulk products


Introduction :

A full range of contaminants inspection for the product in bulk before packing.

Suitable for the contaminants inspection in production line for peanuts, grain, cereals, rubber granules, capsules, tablets, dry fruit, frozen fruit etc.

An X-Ray system is an electronic instrument which detects the presence of metallic & non-metallic contamination in packed or loose products.

Focus Industries:
  • Bulk Food Industry
  • Grain Packing
  • Frozen Foods Like Berries
  • Dry Food


Model END-EXR-4080LP
X-Ray Generator MAX,80kV, 210W
Inspection Width 400mm
Best Inspection Sensitivity Stainless Steel ball ᶲ0.3mm, Stainless Steel wire ᶲ 0.2*2 mm Glass/ceramic ball ᶲ1.0mm
Conveyor Speed 10-60m/min
Operation System Window 7
X-Ray Leakage <1µSv/h (CE Standard)
IP Rate IP66 (Under belt)
Working Environment Humidity: 30-90%, no dew
Cooling Method Industrial air conditioning
Rejecter Mode 32 tunnels air jet rejecter or 4/2/1 channel flap rejecter
Air Pressure 0.8 Mpa
Power Supply 1.5kVA
Main Material SUS304
Surface Treatment Mirror polish / Sand blasting


  • Identifying The Metallic & Non-Metallic Components In A Product
  • Useful In Fisheries For Fish Bone Residue Detection