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Conversion & Up-Gradation


  • Conversion of existing Mechanical ( Dial or Steel yard type) scale to Electro-Mechanical Using Simple “S??? type load cell & Digitizer. Which known as Electro-Mechanical.
  • Conversion of Existing steady Tank to Electronic Tank Weighing system.
UP -Gradation
  • Existing Mechanical OR electro-Mechanical scale to Fully Electronic system using Four/Six OR Eight Load cell.
  • Simple weighing system to data storage & Printing system.
  • Weighing system with limited data storage & Printing system to PC base system with unlimited data storage.
  • Weighing system with PC base system with unlimited data storage & on-line system with LAN.[fruitful_recent_posts posts=”4″ cat=””
  • Existing weighing capacity as well as accuracy.
  • Existing system in terms of length, width & strength of Mechanical structure.